Study the trajectory of dust particles by simulating the plasma environment on the Moon's surface

M E Abdelaal, A Shekhovtsova, G G Dolnikov, I A Kuznetsov, A A Kartasheva, A S Bychkova, I A Shashkova, A N Lyash, A E Dubov and A V Zakharov
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Институт космических исследований РАН
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A V Zakharov
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The Moon is one of the important airless bodies in our solar system, as it represents the nearest natural plasma environment to the Earth. Because of the effect of micrometeorites, solar radiation, and solar wind, the lunar surface is always rich with interactions between plasma and regolith. According to these activities, a near-surface double layer is being created from the photoelectrons and the charged regolith surface. This study demonstrates the dynamic of charged micro-particles under the effect of an external electric field, which will help to demonstrate the plasma-dust process on the lunar surface.